The Logic and Computation Group (LCG)

became in February 14, 2001

The Center for Logic and Computation

where you should look for updated information.

This old site of the LCG is kept only for historical reasons and its pages will not be updated.

Welcome to the Logic and Computation Group of the Section of Computer Science of the Department of Mathematics of IST, also of Centro de Matemática Aplicada.

The Group was created in 1981 by Amílcar Sernadas at the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon. The Group moved to the Department of Mathematics at IST in September 1986.

The main goals of the Group were on logical, algebraic and categorial foundations of compositional software specification, design and certification, with emphasis on object-oriented, concurrent, reactive, hybrid and probabilistic systems and on the combination of different logics and formalisms.

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