TheNIS - Thematic Network in Information Security

2nd Information Security Workshop 

July 17 2007, at IST, Lisbon, Portugal

Organized by SQIG- Security and Quantum Information Group, IT

Program - room EA4 Torre Norte

10h00 Virgil Gligor, U Maryland - On the Evolution of Adversary Models in Security Protocols - from the Beginning to Sensor Networks.
10h45 Carlos Ribeiro INESC-ID, IST - Robust sensor self-initialization: Whispering to avoid intruders.
11h15 António Ravara SQIG-IT, IST - Cryptographic primitives in a calculus with polyadic synchronisation..
11h45 Miguel Correia LASIGE - FCUL - Tolerating Byzantine processes in distributed systems: using wormholes to reduce the number of replicas.

12h15 LUNCH

14h00 Luca Vigano U. Verona - Automated Validation of Internet Security Protocols.
14h45 Paulo Oliveira IT, FCUP - Mobile Secret Key Distribution with Network Coding.
15h15 Pedro Felix ISEL - A Scalable and  Flexible Web Services Authentication Model.

15h45 Coffe Break

16h00 Alexandre Pinto, LIACC,  FCUP - Commitment and Authentication Systems.
16h30 João Paulo Vilela IT, FCUP - A Feedback Reputation Mechanism to Secure the Optimized Link State Routing Protocol.
17h00 Paulo Sousa, LASIGE - FCUL - Avoiding the Exhaustion of Intrusion-Tolerant Distributed Systems through Proactive Resilience.
17h30 Stéphane Cauchie, DI-UBI - Anonymous Classifiers.

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